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Q: Why should I convert my tapes to DVDs?
A: Most tapes, unless used and conditioned on a regular basis, deteriorate after eight to twelve years. Tapes get very brittle and will actually crumble in your hand. If not used for three to five years, the tapes will stick to the metal components of the tape case and break when you try to view them. Very sadly, your memories will be lost forever unless you convert your tapes within a fifteen year period of recording.

Q: How much does it cost to convert my tapes?
A: $ 18 - just to DVD; $17 to video file (MP4) on a flash drive (plus cost of the drive); $22 to both DVD and video file (MP4) on a flash drive (plus cost of the drive

Q: How do I make payment?
A: mtek accepts credit card, cash, or checks. One half of the payment is due when the tapes are received. The second half of the payment is due when you accept the DVDs returned to you by mtek.

Q: Does mtek guarantee their work?
A: Yes. If you are not 100% satisfied, and mtek cannot remedy the situation within 30 days, then you are eligible for a 100% refund of monies paid.

Q: How long will it take mtek to create my DVDs?
A: Two to four weeks after mtek receives your tapes.

Q: How are my tapes and DVDs returned to me?
A: Your DVDS are placed in standard DVD cases with a label on each DVD describing the content associated with the DVD. Your entire order is then placed in an mtek media box for easy storage.

Q: Can mtek edit my tapes, provide custom scene selection and possibly add music?
A: Yes, these services are available on a custom quotation basis. mtek will do a phone consultation with the customer and create a very simple statement of work to detail the specific requirements.

Q: Can I get extra copies of the DVDs mtek creates?
A: mtek can make additional copies of your DVDs for a cost of $ 5 per DVD. We will contact you via phone once your tapes are converted to tell you how many DVDs are necessary after your tape conversion. At this time we will confirm the cost for the additional DVDs.

Q: Can you make a DVD of a VHS video movie I bought at a store? An X-rated movie
A: We cannot transfer (convert, copy, record) any copyrighted material including commercial movies, concerts, sport events, TV shows, etc. unless you procure us with a written permission from the copyright owner. While it is true that according to “fair use” regulations you are entitled to make yourself a backup copy on another medium (DVD for example), we, as a third party charging money for our services, cannot legally do it for you. We cannot accept X-rated videos for the conversion.

Q: Is DVD better than VHS tape
A: Yes.

Q: Can recorded DVDs be played in my DVD player?
A: Most DVD players can play recorded DVD. We estimate that about 95% of players available on the market are DVD-R compatible. We use the best discs available on the market. They are very reliable and playable in the widest range of DVD players. We no longer offer cheaper generic discs because they are unreliable.

Q: What video tapes formats can you convert to DVD?
A: We are able to transfer your movies from the following formats: VHS, VHS-C, Super8, Digitial8, MicroMV, MiniDV, and Film Reels. We can convert just about anything.

Q: I am worried about the quality of output movie. Does conversion from VHS to DVD degrade the quality?
A: Just the opposite! The quality of output movie is usually slightly higher but you should not expect a dramatic improvement. We do not perform any additional movie cleaning but digital quantisation itself brings some noise filtering. Of course the higher original quality, the better final result. When the source movie is on a digital tape, there is no analog to digital conversion and the result is excellent.

Q: Why is there a limit of 2 hours per disc?
A: While it is possible to fit more than 2 hours of video on a DVD, we do not produce such discs because of quality degradation.

Q: Will my DVD be copy – protected?
A: DVDs we record are not copy – protected.

Q: Do you view your customers home movies?
A: Your videos are private and we don’t view videos sent to us, but we’ll spot check the final DVD for quality assurance purposes.

Q: Do you keep any copy of your customers video?
A: After successfully transferring video data is erased and we don’t keep any video copies of our customers. Only upon special request and for an additional charge will we keep a copy of your video, should you need future duplicates.

Q: My question is not answered here. Where can I obtain more information?
A: For general questions about our service, please send an email to: You may also call us at 614/569-3658. We will respond personally and promptly.

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